Magogology (themagog) wrote,



I had not set out to become an historian. Indeed not. Instead, I had it in mind to become a quite famous and filthy rich writer of fiction. Fiction, you know, where daring feats of adventure and whilewind romances about for nay wiht the patience and sometimes even the temerity of bother reading.

Of course, there are horrendous stories, sometimes, the more horrendous the more piqed the interest, much like the people who rubber-neck on the freeway, rudely blocking traffic for miles.

Oh. I supposed I should introduce myself. I am calling myself, for the express purpose of this journal, a Magogologist.

You must realize that I orginated, which is to say I was born, during the 20th century. Guffaw if you must, but it is true, at least as true as anything in this universe can be.

I was born in the year of our Lord Nineteen Hundred Fifty-five. (Please allow me a little flair for the melodramatic, for after all, just as you are reading my findings and notes hundreds of years later, perhaps even more, I see myself transcended in the future just as I see historians and their documents of the past. So the wording for 1955 is quite common to read in my own time when examining past documents).

Who am I - historian, fantacist, fanatacist, gifted, crazed beyond explanation? Yet here you are as well, are you not, reading the words of a mad woman?

Yes, a woman. However your time may perceive women as a gender - human, subspecies, homosapien, the procreating half of a species - it matters not in that I, myself, am not influenced by your immediate history or culture.

My mores and socialization is quite different as expected and I humbly beg your patience if I am unable to separate myself from this project, unable not to taint my translations while I project information to allow the proper and precise conference. I can no more completely slough off my 20th century culturnicity as a leopard can change her spots.

I as a human, am a "period piece". I do try to transcend beyond culture and genetics, and in turn, become something more, something else, and hopefully, something better.
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